• Frame your 5x7" race photo, finisher medal and race bib just like a professional in minutes.

  • Display your race medals in style with our exclusive custom photo medal hanger.

  • Preserve your ultimate racing achievement with our exclusive custom race design series.

Our Story and Mission

Photo Finish Frames started out of a passion for creating an affordable custom framing product that would capture the winning achievements of endurance athletes.

Our mission is to create and offer high-quality affordable framing kits that will capture the winning moments and achievements of endurance sport athletes and present them in a stunning display, to help inspire and motivate people to accomplish their dreams, and to create the opportunity to give back to the communities and organizations that are closely associated with endurance related sports and to help create a better and healthier world.

Each framing kit is hand-crafted right in our home studio and is designed so that you can frame your 5 x 7" race photo finishing medal and optional race bib in the convenience of your home just like a professional in minutes. You simply can't beat the look, convenience and affordability of our framing kits when compared to other similar products on the market or at your local framing shop. » Read More


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