The Ultimate Gift for a Marathon Runner

The moment when you complete a race is unforgettable; it’s a moment that stays with you forever. In fact, I believe the entire experience of completing a marathon is quite a special one and certainly something that deserves to be celebrated. The satisfaction you see on a runner’s face when they hit that finish line is pretty telling – you see that all the grueling hard work of completing the race has finally paid off and what’s more, it’s been completely worth it!

When my younger sister completed her first half marathon, we were all extremely proud of her, especially because she wasn’t sure she’d be able to finish, and in the end she very much did finish. I wasn’t able to participate that year because of a sprained ankle, but I was there, rooting for her and egging her on throughout. The photographs of her finish were pretty spectacular, and something she clearly cherished.

So, on her birthday a few days later, I wanted to give her something that would celebrate this achievement and something that would encourage her to keep at it! I was the self-appointed photographer during the marathon and had taken some truly inspiring pictures of her finish, if I may say so myself! So I had the perfect thing to give her, but wanted to give it to her in a way that would be extra special.

I was delighted to find just the thing I had in mind. I came across these DIY framing kits made specifically for marathon memorabilia, so they had different sizes and different options to choose from where you could include a photo, the finish medal and even the marathon bib. I selected a lovely framing kit, designed for the marathon medal and the finish photo.

The frame itself looks strong and durable and has a lovely smooth finish. The cover is made of real glass so it looks stylish and quite elegant, sort of like the display a professional athlete would use. The matting inside the frame too is great quality and very tidy. Adding the photo and the medal took literally a matter of a few minutes, and I had the most amazing and unique gift ready.

My sister was thrilled with it. She loved the photo and she loved the fact that I’d turned it into something even more special. The memories of her first marathon are now preserved in this wonderful custom designed frame and hang above her desk at work. It’s become something of a talking point, and she loves it. 

I was so glad I stumbled across this neat idea, and could turn that simple photo into the perfect themed gift for her. I’m considering doing the same thing for a dear friend. He runs marathons all the time, so I’m thinking of getting him a framed display for his various marathon medals. Judging from my sister’s reaction, I’m guessing this will be a hit too!