Marathon Memorabilia Made Easy with Custom Frames

Whether you’re an avid runner, or have just started dabbling in the world of marathons, your marathon memorabilia is something to be proud of. The finishing medal, the marathon bib, and photos that document your journey in the race from the grueling middle to the exuberant finish, are all part of an experience that will likely stay with you forever. So it only makes sense to display all these mementos in a way that you can display them all together and be proud of your achievements.

The good news is that your marathon memorabilia doesn’t have to be displayed in some awkward and ill-sized store-bought photo frame with your medal hanging by a nail at the bottom. There are custom designed and hand crafted display kits that help you turn all your marathon keepsakes into something beautiful and elegant. In fact, these framing kits allow you to showcase your medals and photos just like a professional athlete.

The frames can be used to display the victory photo, the key moment of the race on one side with your finishing medal displayed proudly by its side. The frames have hand cut acid free double matting that looks stylish and professional. The kit can also include an information plaque about the race, including the date, place etc.

So how can you customize your marathon memorabilia framing kit? Well, there are several ways you can tweak the kit to suit your needs. Firstly, the kit comes in various sizes, so you can customize the size according to the number of medals or photos, or the sizes you want to display. You can also choose the number of windows you want to include in your frame, depending on what you want to display.

For instance, you can showcase the victory photo of a race, the finishing medal as well as your race bib, all in a single elegant frame with three perfectly cut out windows. You can also choose to include your race times, or a simple plate with information about the race. With these kits there is no need at all for make-shift displays and tacky arrangements to showcase your athletic mementos.

The framing kits are sturdy and durable. The frames are made with an ecofriendly wooden composite, and look thick and solid with a beautiful wooden finish. You could choose between the deep brown and the jet black to suit your space. The cover is made with real glass.

The best part about these hand-crafted kits is the sheer simplicity and convenience of the idea. The kit includes everything you need - all the fixtures and fittings. All you need to do is include your photos, medals and bibs, and away we go! With these versatile kits having a professional looking marathon display is literally a matter of a few minutes.