Medal Hangers for a Permanent Display

Whether you run frequently, or have just run your first marathon race; whether you’re a regular athlete or have just started dabbling into athletics - all your achievements right from the first one are something to be proud of. Photos of the final race moment, finishing as well as competitive medals, these are all part of experiences that most of us cherish forever. So, should these medals and photos be lying in a dusty drawer, or should they be displayed proudly in a stylish and fitting manner?

The answer of course, is that all your athletic memorabilia deserves to be showcased rather than stashed away where neither you, nor anybody else can see it. Showcasing your medals and other memorabilia, gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experience, to reminisce with family and friends, and to let your achievements be seen by other people. It’s also a great conversation starter and something that speaks about your athletic experiences and accomplishments. 

So how can you create a permanent display from your athletic medals? The best way is to display them together using a quality medal hanger. If you have more than one medal this is the best way to do it, because all the different medals you have achieved, displayed side by side, can look elegant and stylish.

The medal hangers can accommodate up to six different medals, and you can customize the size of the hanger to have fewer knobs as well. The hangers comprise of a frame at the top and black brass knobs which are used to hang the medals. The frames are made with high quality, eco-friendly wood composite with a lovely wooden finish that looks elegant and can match a variety of decors. The frame also has a real glass covering.

The inside of the frame can contain a customizable text of your choice. What’s more, if you want to add that extra vibrancy or color to your frame, you could choose to include photos of the race in the back of the text so it shows through the letters. Alternatively you can keep the frame blank for the more traditional and professional feel.