The Perfect Record of Achievement for Triathletes

Completing a triathlon race is no mean feat. Triathlons are multi stage races that can be highly grueling and require a high level of fitness and training. So, when someone you know finishes a triathlon race, it is certainly something to be commemorated and celebrated!

There are different types of triathlon races, each involving three different athletic sports, but the most common variation is the one that includes swimming, cycling, and  running in that particular order. Like marathons, there are triathlon races in different distances but one thing they all have in common is the fact that they can all be physically and mentally demanding events.

Because the races involve three different activities, triathletes need to undergo regular training for the specific activities and also do regular strength training. All in all triathletes need to have a high level of fitness if they hope to complete the race with any modicum of competitive spirit!

So, now that we have established that triathletes need to work pretty hard to finish a race, no matter what the length is, what’s the best way to commemorate this achievement? There is, in fact, a wonderful way to memorialize a triathletes achievements, and that is to get the race memorabilia framed into a permanent professional looking display.

You get framing kits that are easy to put together and are customizable. So you can frame different keepsakes together in a frame. For instance, say you’d like to put a race medal and the finishing photo together in a frame, you can get a customized framing kit that is designed especially to put these two mementos together, and it can also include a plaque with information about the race.

You can include various other things like the race medal, photo, timings and number in a single framed display. The frames have a default design that includes the finishing medal and photo, but you can also include these other keepsakes to make it even more interesting. Their high quality crescent acid free matting system looks neat and stylish, something you’d expect from a professional high quality framing service.

This can be the perfect way to showcase the achievement in a way that looks trendy and professional. I say professional because the frames are available in a deep brown or black, and have thick borders with a lovely smooth finish, and a real glass cover. The entire thing when put together looks like something a professional athlete would have in their home!

Once you have the kit, all you need to do is frame the things that you’d like to include in the display and hey presto! These frames can make for wonderful gifts for athletes, because they not only look great but are also a gesture of encouragement and pride. After all, completing a triathlon race is certainly something to be proud of!