Capturing that Moment Forever with Framing Kits

That moment when you finish a race is something that is different from anything else. It’s the pure joy and satisfaction of having completing something successfully and the physical exhaustion most of us feel in that moment only makes it feel all the more real and worthwhile. Completing a race or any sporting event is something to be proud of, and showcasing your achievements on the track and field is not something only professional athletes can do. Finishing a race is an achievement irrespective of whether you’re a pro runner or not. So instead of stashing away those photos and finishing medals in a drawer somewhere, why not display them proudly, the way they are meant to be?

There are many ways you can display your race memorabilia, including photos of the finishing moment, finishing medals etc. But the best way to showcase your achievements in a race is to display them together in a stylish and elegant frame. You can get quality frames in a beautiful wooden finish, with hand cut double matted display for your photos and medals. These lovely framing kits also include a plaque that displays information about the race.

Neatly displayed in a single framed showcase, your race medals and photos will look truly professional and elegant. The good news is that these framing kits come in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find something, irrespective of the how large your medals or photos are. The kit includes all the fittings and fixtures you will need, so you can quickly and conveniently assemble and add your own memorabilia to it.

There are many ways in which you can use the framing kits to showcase your racing moments. You can display your victory photo moments along with your finishing medal in a single framed display as mentioned earlier. You can also showcase photos of those final moments during in the race in a lovely wooden finish frame, and hang your medals in a matching medal hanger frame. Together these frames can make for a fitting homage to your achievements in the races.

This works particularly well if you have more than one medal to display, because you can hang all your medals side by side in a single frame. The medal hangers are also made with a high quality wooden composite like the framing kits and both have real glass covering. The medal hangers can have customized text in the frame, with black brass knobs to hang the medals.

The moment when you complete a race or a track event is something that remains with you forever. You can preserve the rush and excitement of this wonderful moment by turning it into a stylish display and proudly showcasing it as a reminder of your achievements! Turning your medals and victory photos into a framed display can also make for a wonderful conversation starter, and offers a great opportunity to reminisce and relive those cherished moments with friends and family.