Framing that Special Photo Finish

The best part of a marathon is the part where you finish it, the moment of victory. The satisfaction of completing a race successfully is something that stays with you throughout your life. So why not recreate this moment and preserve it in a fitting manner? It’s not just professionals who can have a beautifully finished racing display, complete with medals, photos and even race timings, you can have it too!

If your sporting achievements are something you’re proud of, there is no reason why you shouldn’t turn your achievements into a permanent souvenir or display which can be showcased for all to see. It can be a great conversation starter, something you and your loved ones can reminisce about, and is simply a lovely way to celebrate your achievements on the track.

There’s a lot you can do with the sporting memorabilia you have to turn it into a nice display. Whether you have medals, photographs of key moments in the race, or want to display your finish times and bibs, you can showcase all of these together in a single display. There are framing kits that are designed especially to display racing memorabilia, including medals, pictures and information about the race as well as your performance that let you display your achievement like a pro.

You can choose from a range of options, designed for displays of different sizes, as well as showcasing different things. For instance you can turn your victory picture, finishing medal in a single beautifully framed display with a simple kit which also includes a plaque with more information about the particular race you were part of.

The frames are made with sustainably sourced and eco-friendly wood composite, and have a glass covering. The frames have windows designed to display photos and medals, and you can customize the size and design of the display depending on what you want to showcase. The frame also includes a hand cut Crescent, acid-free double matting system,  that looks professional and elegant.

If you’re a serial runner, you may have a bunch of medals that you want to display together. For such a display you could use a medal hanger which can be customized to include up to six different race medals. These high quality hangers can incorporate custom text on the top, with up to six black brass knobs which hold the medals. You could add a more vibrant touch to the text by including your race photos to go at the back of the letters.

The hanger frames, like the photo framing kits are also made with eco-friendly wood composite, and have a real glass covering. This handy little kit is ideal for displaying all your medals in a single stylish stand, and includes all the fittings and fixtures you require to assemble it.

Displaying your race memorabilia is not something only professionals can do. Now with handy framing and kits and custom designed medal display units, you too can showcase your proud racing achievements in a professional style.