Our framing kits make the perfect gift for runners and triathletes. Many endurance sport enthusiasts
will spend money on apparel, equipment, training, nutrition, race fees, travel and more, but rarely will
they treat themselves to buying a gift to display and preserve their accomplishments.

Our framing kits and photo medal hangers make for a truly unique gift that will show the endurance athlete
in your life just how much you care and support their active lifestyle. It's the only gift that will preserve the
of their greatest accomplishments and your loving support for a lifetime.

We can ship your gift directly to you or directly to the recipient. Just be sure to include their race
information during checkout so that we can include their customized engraved race informational plate to
be displayed in the frame with your order. If you are not sure where to obtain this information or what to
write we can help find it or write it.

If you are buying a gift for someone for a future race to have waiting for them as they cross the finish line we
recommend displaying the official race name, race location, race date and the distance of the

Race Information Card Examples:

You can also personalize it by adding your own unique message. We are confident that our framing kits and
photo medal hangers will make a lasting impression and will be a gift that they will remember for a lifetime.
If you need more information or assistance in ordering your perfect gift please contact us